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Unlock Your Flow!

Unlock your flow. Power yoga is a continuously moving flow stitching together sequences of postures in a choreographed class. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease. The dynamic pace of a power class increases cardiovascular health, burns fat, and builds long, lean muscle. Each instructor brings his or her own personality to this style of yoga; welcome curiosity as you explore unique transitions, arm balances and more challenging postures.

Three Questions we are asked all the time…

Q: I don’t know the postures, how will I keep up?

A: Don’t worry! Not only can you stop, watch and observe what your instructor and the other students are doing, our instructors are great at cueing and can help guide you through the poses with verbal and physical adjustments.

Q: I don’t like chatarangas (“Yoga Pushups”- a signature component of a Power class) and/or

I don’t think I’m strong enough to do them. Do I have to do them?

A: NO! If you don’t like chatarangas, don’t feel strong enough or are nursing an injury, you can always skip them. In fact, your instructor will mention that skipping them is an option during your class.

Q: What level are your Power classes?

A: Yours. While every instructor at Union Yoga teaches their classes differently, all of our instructors offer variations, amplifications and modifications while they cue so that you can tailor the class to the level that best suits you. So while you might be challenged, you get to choose to what level you take your class.

We offer Power classes 7 days a week. Incorporating a Power class into your practice can help round out the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your practice.

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