intro vinyasa series / september 7 - october 11

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This comprehensive, introductory 6-class series is designed for beginners or students new to Union & Vinyasa Yoga. Classes meet once a week over 6 consecutive weeks to cover basic form and alignment of the postures that compose a traditional vinyasa practice. Each class progressively builds on the previous one, preparing students to understand the progression of the Vinyasa Series. Led by Kari and Kim, our Intro Series will focus on building strength, modifying the practice, and guiding you into a solid foundation in this dynamic style of yoga.

Come build a safe vinyasa practice and learn alignment techniques that might not always be covered in your typical hour long class. Learn how to flow and move with confidence through transitional poses like chaturanga, cobra, and upward facing dog while refining the vinyasa experience. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable, athletic clothing and bring a mat & towel.