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At Union Yoga Co. our mission is to create a space that cultivates community, inspires curiosity and empowers you to discover what's possible on your mat.  Whether you are new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, our range of classes allows you the space to build confidence, grow your practice and keep you continually challenged.  Our goal is to meet you where you are at, support you through your journey and encourage you along the way.  In Union there is strength.  Let's find yours together.  


Our Classes


Power yoga is a continuously moving flow stitching together sequences of postures in a choreographed class. Breath awareness and coordination are carried throughout the practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease.  The dynamic pace of a power class increases cardiovascular health, burns fat, and builds long, lean muscle. Each instructor brings his or her own personality to this style of yoga; welcome curiosity as you explore unique transitions, arm balances and more challenging postures.


Mindful yoga incorporates foundational postures taught with longer holds and basic transitions along with meditative breath work at a gentle pace.  You get all the benefits of practicing the postures with plenty of space to explore them in your body, while still being challenged by the strength required to hold, the focus required to breathe and the space given to “stay or play” should you choose to add arm or standing balances as well.  Expect that each instructor will bring their own unique and creative spin to the class, so it is a great place for the beginner and advanced yogi alike.  


Strength is a high intensity and total body workout designed to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. This is great for yogis looking to add variety to their practice.  Free weights, bands, and/or sliders are used in this class. Yoga Strength complements your regular yoga practice, while pushing your fitness goals to new heights. Expect high-energy, fun music, stretching and a splash of yoga to round-out each class.  

Strength Lite

Strength Lite is a more mindful approach to our Strength class.  This variation will focus on the foundations of solid technique for working with both free weights and your own body weight.  In addition, expect to be challenged with a dash of Buti yoga to sharpen your coordination and dive into deep core conditioning, all set to dynamic music choreographed together with yoga to make a fun and liberating class experience.


Our Classes


Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice. Expect to stay primarily on the floor. Poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to open and stretch joints and muscles in a gentle way. The sequence of the postures is meant to stimulate the channels of energy in the body, bringing focus to body awareness, stillness and peace.  This class uses mindful relaxation within each posture to target the body’s connective tissue and promote the mobilization of fascia.  

Yin Soundbath

Yin Soundbath is designed to bring together multiple elements of yoga; stillness, stretching, sound, energy, vibration and peace. Expect to stay primarily on the floor. The yoga poses will be held for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to open and stretch joints and muscles in a gentle way. The class will be accompanied by the playing of crystal singing bowls.  The trained practitioner creates deep, overlapping vibrations and sounds to help wash away stress and anxiety; soothing the nervous system, refocusing thoughts, clarifying intentions while reducing fatigue and tension.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a powerful meditation technique and a gentle yoga practice.  Come to class ready to relax in comfortable clothes with props such as pillows, bolsters or blocks.  Expect to rest on your mat as you are guided though a meditation taking you deep into a state of conscious relaxation between wake and sleep.  Benefits of this practice include improved thought patterns, enhanced cognitive performance, stress and anxiety reduction and improved sleep.    


Union Yoga is daring you to take a Rogue trip with your practice.  These 75-minute classes are designed to tap into every aspect of what you know and love about yoga.  Combining the dynamic flow of Power, optional arm balances, unique transitions, strength work and mindfully crafted choreography.  These classes are all-levels, from the beginner to the experienced yogi. They are designed to challenge you to paint outside the lines of your traditional practice.  Expect a flow that whisks you away from the outside world, dialing into the present moment while the class ebbs and flows between freedom, fitness and fun.  You CAN do it.  Let’s Go Rogue.

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