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Score Big by Shopping Small at Our Holiday Maker's Market

As our season changes here in the Pacific Northwest, with the weather getting wet and soggy and a blanket of clouds rolling in, now more than ever it is important to not let the outside factors of winter dampen our spirits. December is a great time to continue practicing gratitude. Be both grateful and thankful for the days and the time that you carve out for your yoga practice, your family, your friends, and your ability to slosh around in all the beauty that surrounds you.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

- Tony Robbins

The holidays are also a great time for giving. To find a little something special to dote on those you love. Those that help shape your world, who offer support and share in the laughter and joy of living. We are thrilled to share our 2nd Annual Holiday Maker’s Market on Saturday, December 10th. We encourage you and your non-yoga friends to visit the studio and support local artisans, makers and crafts people. Score big by shopping small within our vibrant local community.


Payten Raye - Ceramics

Jd Arts - Watercolor Paintings

Sheri Nottingham - Glass Garden Art

Wildcraft Wellness - Herbal Wellness And Body Care

Maven Concrete - Concrete Jewelry And Home Decor

Knot Perfect Co. - Macrame

Ethereal Wellness - Organic Artisan Skincare

Brad Reorda - Handcrafted Woodwork

Russ Callaghan - Wooden Birdhouses

Union Yoga is so grateful for our amazingly rich community of yoga students and very talented artisans. We will be turning the studio into a wonderland of creativity and local talent. These are all local community members who will be showcasing their craft. The purpose of the Maker’s Market is to highlight these beautiful people as well as to build a connection and to encourage guests to shop locally for the holiday season. As a bonus to enjoying the holiday spirit along with each other’s company, we will provide free beverages and snacks.

This is an all ages event.


The Union Yoga retail shop will be open. It is a great time to pick up some Union Yoga Co. gear (t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and zip-ups), water bottles, tumblers, yoga apparel from Beyond Yoga and Manduka, as well as some extra special boutique items perfect for gifting and not yet seen available for purchase at the studio.

Union Yoga Co. presents our HOLIDAY MAKER'S MARKET

Saturday, December 10th

Sip & Shop from 2pm - 8pm

a FREE community event

“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the door through gratitude.”

– Deepak Chopra

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