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Tap into YOU this Yuletide


As yogis we work to clear our mind during our practice, to find what feels good to us in that moment, and to just let go and be in the present. Then there are those Instagram moments, where we shine, we fly and we create beautiful poses that we want to capture and share. Navigating these two different ideas can feel odd and in conflict at times. Perhaps it’s the yin and the yang or maybe it’s just our ego speaking up. Either way, one solution to help you grow in your practice is in a workshop.

Yoga workshops provide a space to be playful, to encourage you to make the time to try new things that you normally wouldn’t attempt during a class. You can push your boundaries so that you can achieve that pose you’ve been yearning for, or perhaps your goal is to go deeper into an asana with greater flexibility and strength. Unlike a traditional yoga class, here are three reasons to be open and to try a workshop.

1. Find Community: Build your community in a workshop, it’s a time to practice, work on new skills and grow relationships with your yogi peeps — Be playful.

2. Renew Your Commitment: Workshops provide a great opportunity for you as an individual to take a moment and reflect on how your yoga practice influences your life. Acknowledge the benefits and the challenges of living the yoga life.

3. Every Body is Different: A studio is an environment, a place to explore, and a space that is safe for everyone of all walks of life. Understanding that every body is different, workshops provide an opportunity for everybody to play and grow in their yoga journey individually and together.

With these three reasons, here are three great upcoming workshops to free yourself and explore just what is truly possible for you.

Winter Deep Release with Christina || Friday, December 2nd 6:30-8:30 pm

Join Christina for 2 hours of self-care designed to unwind, de-stress, and aid in your relaxation before the bustle of the holiday season. During this unique workshop, you will learn how to use yoga massage balls for self-myofascial release and then simmer into a deeply relaxing Yin class.

Christina will provide an overview of myofascial release which is a simple self-maintenance practice aimed to release muscle tension, reduce fascia adhesions and scar tissue while regulating the nervous system. The benefits of this practice will help to improve flexibility, mobility, and circulation.

This workshop concludes with a transition into a Yin practice. Which is a quiet, meditative practice with long, deep holds targeting the body’s connective tissue.

Investment in your health & practice is $50.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. Dress comfortably in layers. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, bolster and water. We have a limited supply of props available to borrow as well. We will provide the yoga therapy balls. Space is limited, pre-register to save your spot today.

Yoga Nidra with Wendy || Friday, December 9th 6:30 pm

Rest. Peace. Guided meditation. Need these this Holiday season? We’ve got you covered.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a powerful meditation technique and a gentle yoga practice. Come to class ready to relax in comfortable clothes with props such as pillows, bolsters or blocks. Expect to rest on your mat as you are guided through a meditation taking you deep into a state of conscious relaxation bordering between wake and sleep. Benefits of this practice include improved thought patterns, enhanced cognitive performance, stress and anxiety reduction and improved sleep.

This class is for anyone and all-levels welcome. Sign up to reserve your spot or ask one of our teachers to add you to the list when you are at the studio.

FREE with your membership, or normal class rates apply.

60 min Extension Class (bonus class in addition to regularly scheduled classes to extend and grow your practice.)

Yin & Tonic with Janet || Wednesday, December 21st 6:30 pm

The energy of the winter solstice is about exploring the depths within, finding the still side of your yoga practice as we welcome in the quieter months of Winter. The Winter Solstice marks the start of longer days and shorter nights, signaling increased light in our mind and body. Slow down mentally and physically and receive benefits to areas of the body such as muscle, fascia, ligaments, and bones to keep them lubricated and youthful in the cold dry season of winter.

Shift from a state of doing into a state of being. Janet will explore postures that support the function of the kidney to help the body remove toxins from the more active seasons of life.

Enjoy the warmth of our community after class with cool refreshments in the lobby.

All levels are welcome. FREE with your membership, or normal class rates apply.

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