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What is Yoga Strength?

Yoga Strength & Strength Lite classes are a high intensity and total body workout designed to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. This is great for yogis looking to add variety to their practice. Free weights, bands, and/or sliders are used in this class. Yoga Strength complements your regular yoga practice, while pushing your fitness goals to new heights. Expect high-energy, fun music, str

etching and a splash of yoga to round-out each class.

Four Questions we are asked all the time…

Q: Is this a good class for beginners?

A: Yes! This is a great class for new yogis and experienced yogis alike. Yoga strength is not only fun, but it can elevate your practice by enhancing muscle conditioning, strength and overall cardiovascular health. It can bring an element of fun to your yoga routine, with fresh styles such as HIIT, Tabata, Barre, intervals and pilates inspired classes. Our strength classes are taught for all-levels, offering cues and adjustments for alignment, modifications and opportunities to take-it-down or kick-it-up a notch when you need.

Q: When are your Strength Classes offered?

A: 4 days a week!

Mondays 6:30pm Strength with Cal

Tuesdays 12pm Strength Lite Taylor

Thursdays 5pm Strength with Tanya

Fridays 6am Strength with Taylor

Fridays 9:30am with Tawni

Q: What are the benefits of Yoga Strength?

A: To name a few…strengthen & tone muscles, improve cardio health, add variety to training, boost mental strength, improve mobility, osteoporosis prevention & management and lower injury risk.

Q: What do you use to build strength and do I need to bring my own gear?

A: During your strength class, you can expect to be challenged with dumbells, blocks, sliders, bands and your own bodyweight. You will want to bring your own mat, towel and water and we will provide any additional items your instructor decides to use during class. So no, you do not need to bring your own weights, etc. unless you prefer to use your own.

Spice up your practice. Pepper in Strength or Strength Lite into your yoga routine. Your practice will thank you.

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