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A Mindful Approach

Mindful yoga incorporates foundational postures taught with longer holds and basic transitions along with meditative breath work at a gentle pace. You get all the benefits of practicing the postures with plenty of space to explore them in your body, while still being challenged by the strength required to hold, the focus required to breathe and the space given to “stay or play” should you choose to add arm or standing balances as well. Expect that each instructor will bring their own unique and creative spin to the class, so it is a great place for the beginner and advanced yogi alike.

Three Questions we are asked all the time…

Q: Is this a good class for beginners? A: Yes! This is a great class for new yogis and the experienced yogis alike. The Mindful classes are taught at a slower pace, with gentle transitions and time to really experience the postures in your body. So this class style is perfect for new students and great for returning or advanced students because it can be a chance to reflect and deepen your time in any one posture offering exploration and enjoyment.

Q: Will I work hard? A: You will work as hard as you choose to work in this class. Every instructor will remind you to meet your practice where you are that day. If you are new to yoga, you will be offered breaks, chances to breathe, rest in poses and you can always feel free to stop and observe what is happening in class to learn more from other students in the room. Conversely, if you are craving a challenge and want more from your practice, you will be free to play, explore and amp the class up with arm balances or deeper expressions.

Q: Does every instructor teach the same Mindful Class? A: No. At Union Yoga we grant our instructors full creative liberty to read the room, instruct their class in their own style & voice and be as creative or traditional as they want to be. We love the wonderful variety of unique style that each one of instructors bring to their classes and we encourage you to try out as many classes from as many of our instructors as you can and find the one that you best feel compliments your practice and with whom you jive with the best.

We offer Mindful classes 7 days a week. Incorporating a Mindful class into your practice can help round out the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your practice.

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