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What is Rogue Yoga?

Union Yoga is daring you to take a Rogue trip with your practice. These 75-minute classes are designed to tap into every aspect of what you know and love about yoga. Combining the dynamic flow of Power, optional arm balances, unique transitions, strength work and mindfully crafted choreography. These classes are all-levels, from the beginner to the experienced yogi. They are designed to challenge you to paint outside the lines of your traditional practice. Expect a flow that whisks you away from the outside world, dialing into the present moment while the class ebbs and flows between freedom, fitness and fun. You CAN do it. Let’s Go Rogue.

Three Questions we are asked all the time…

Q: Is this a good class for beginners?

A: Yes. Every class we offer on the schedule is truly all-levels; you can take what works for you and your body and forget about the rest, adjusting for your practice in real time is always an option. We truly mean that. Rogue classes are intended to be a challenge; to embrace creativity, offering a faster pace, unique and challenging transitions, etc. So, if you are new to yoga, this class can seem fast or harder than others, but as long as you are willing to give yourself the grace of moving at your pace, being willing to try new things and accept modifications you may need as you learn, this class is an excellent playground for every yogi at any level!

Q: When are your Rogue Classes offered?

A: Twice a week:

Tuesdays 6:30pm with Tanya

Saturdays 8:00am with Cal

Q: Why Rogue?

A: Tanya and Cal, typically the two instructors that teach Rogue, have always viewed their yoga classes as a place to challenge and change the shape of your practice; a kaleidoscope of shapes, transitions and sensations that might skew slightly off to the wilder side of yoga’s more traditional spectrum. During the pandemic shutdown, Tanya and Cal were craving a creative outlet when they couldn’t teach, create and flow together. On Sunday mornings they would get together for yoga playtime. They would take pictures, laugh, enjoy movement, record flows, and Go Rogue. They called themselves the Rogue Yogis, daring followers to take a Rogue-trip with them full of laughter, love and (slightly) inappropriate fun. Not only did this playtime further cement their friendship, it fortified their creative style and deepened their desire to grow in yoga together as a partnership. So, when they purchased the studio from the previous owner, they felt compelled to offer a few classes on the schedule that embraced the spirit of fun and freedom that they love so much.

Spice up your practice. Pepper in a Rogue class into your yoga routine. Your practice will thank you.

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