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What is the Yin Soundbath?

Yin Soundbath is designed to bring together multiple elements of yoga; stillness, stretching, sound, energy, vibration and peace. Expect to stay primarily on the floor. The yoga poses will be held for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to open and stretch joints and muscles in a gentle way. The class will be accompanied by the playing of crystal singing bowls. The trained practitioner creates deep, overlapping vibrations and sounds to help wash away stress and anxiety; soothing the nervous system, refocusing thoughts, clarifying intentions while reducing fatigue and tension.

Three Questions we are asked all the time…

Q: Is this a good class for beginners?

A: Yes! This is a great class for new yogis and the experienced yogis alike. This is a fabulous class to enter yoga as each pose will be held for 1- 5 minutes. Enjoy relaxing time on your mat for your mind paired with a chance to explore the postures and stretches in your body.

Q: Will the sound distract me?

A: While you may notice the sound in the beginning, as the class progresses and the poses invite you deeper, the healing sound will likely blend into the background and serve to enhance your experience. We often hear that the sound allows students a deeper focus on the sensations and vibrations entering their body, deepening relaxation and deep tissue restoration.

Q: What props do I need?

A: Arrive in comfortable clothes. Bring a mat, if you do not have one we have rental mats available for $2. Additionally, props such as a bolster, block, strap or Yin blanket can be helpful to maximize comfort and alignment in each posture. Not sure how to use your props? Your instructor can assist you with comfortable and effective placement for optimal use. Don’t have props? Don’t worry, we have a supply on hand you are welcome to borrow during class.

We offer the Yin Soundbath class on Sunday at 5pm with our mother-daughter dynamic duo; Tanya and Payten. Incorporating a Yin Soundbath class into your practice can help round out the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your practice.

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