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Forget the Goal...

This might be a controversial opinion, but you don’t have to set yoga goals! Goal setting is not for everyone. Intention setting can be. Mind, body and spirit do not always align. Heck, most days it feels like a win just making it to the studio on time for class with pants on and remembering to bring your mat let alone resolve your brain, body and spirit to be on the same page with regards to some rigid goal you set weeks ago in the final hours of 2022. So often the New Year brings an onslaught resolutions and discussions of how you will be “new” and “different” in the New Year. Can we suggest that you forget about that?!

We are here to tell you that your yoga practice needs none of that if you don’t want to resolve to set goals. Your yoga practice is always there for you. All that it asks is that you are there for it. You CAN set goals. You CAN resolve to be different…if you want. But what if all you need to do is intend to show-up, breathe and be present? Really, that is all that is required.

It’s just about getting on your mat every day. No magic trick. No gimmick. No false promises. Just an intention to be steady and humble; walking along the path of your practice. You may not even realize you are transforming or changing anything. The practice of intending to “show up” for yourself naturally brings change and resolve where there once wasn’t any.

It’s not about the fancy yoga pants, the fancy mat, or the fancy goal. It’s not about a particular body type, nor is it about the lingo or the jargon. It’s about the practice, and the wisdom and growth that comes from time in dedication to yourself. It’s about kindness, authenticity, grace and yes, it’s about intentions to love yourself. It is the kind of love that never dies or gives up when it’s challenged or held down by the chains of goals or doubts. It is your self-love. But for all the eloquent talk and lofty goals and ideas, it’s really nothing without the practice of showing up for yourself; grounded in the continuity of direct experience…that sweaty Downdog teaches you more about how you react to it, than what you learn about the form and function of DOING it.

And IF you want to resolve, to set a goal, to place a benchmark for yourself…what if that looked like setting an intention instead so that you give yourself the grace to adjust hourly, daily, weekly, monthly if your life changes and you need to readjust. Perhaps an intention is all that you need.

“Today I will hold Warrior 1 the whole time he/she talks…”

“Today I will remember that I enjoy stretching…”

“Today I will try a handstand-hop…”

“Today I will take a break and not feel guilty…”

“Today I will {insert your intention here}…”

“Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them.” - Paramahansa Yogananda

Union Yoga believes in building a supportive community for all yogi’s to explore themselves and their practice. We challenge you to set intentions, but perhaps forget the hard and fast goal. Show up for yourself, the rest follows. Each day you show up for yoga is an opportunity to realize that it’s ok to fall, to be off-balance, to be messy, to be trying, to be gentle with yourself. Just like anything in life there are good days and bad days, all you need to do is show up with the intention to be YOU…even if you forgot your pants and you aren’t sure what class you made it to. We are here for that version of you and the one that comes fully resolved to tackle each and every chataranga and vows to finally lift their toes in Crow or hold still in Yin’s Dragon Pose. We get you.

We see you. YOU, is all you ever have to be.

Consistency in this practice is key to inevitable growth. And IF growth is what you seek, we know you will get there.

You earn your goals one day at a time by putting in the work. That’s all.

And that’s everything.

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