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We Really Are Different!

We really are different than any studio in the Downtown Everett area. We have a lot to offer

our students and Members. We are proud of the instructors we have, the schedule we put out, the variety of classes we offer and the extras we add in monthly to keep things fresh and new.

Did you know that we are the only yoga studio in the downtown Everett area that has a full compliment of classes on our Weekly Class Schedule? Don’t believe us? Search around. From 6am-8pm, we have 28 scheduled classes on our weekly schedule that you get to choose from; Yin, Power, Mindful, Rogue, Strength and Yin Soundbath. We do not just offer classes in the morning or evening, we offer them ALL DAY LONG.

Weekly highlights:

• We have two 6 AM classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

• We offer 9:30 AM classes seven days a week.

• Noon classes five days a week to satisfy your midday or lunch-break yoga fix.

• 5 PM classes six days a week with a wide-variety of styles in the timeslot.

• 6:30 PM classes four days a week are perfect for the after-work studio sesh.

• 8 PM Yin classes two days a week offer the weekday “finisher” if you need to find your zen at the end of the day.

• As a weekend bonus, we offer two classes on Saturday mornings.

• Choose from three classes on Sundays. Yep, you read that correctly…three classes on Sundays and one of them is a Yin Soundbath that you will not want to miss.

A Membership at Union Yoga Co. is the most competitively priced Automatic Monthly Membership rate in the entire region. For $110 a month you get unlimited yoga every month and access to every one of our scheduled classes PLUS all of our Extension Classes for free too. You will not find a better deal out there. Not only is our price the best, but with 28 classes on the schedule offered at varied times throughout the day, you are guaranteed to find a time and style to fit your yoga needs.

New to the studio? Our New Student Special is perfect for you. Try 2 weeks of UNLIMITED yoga for $25. Try out any of the classes and instructors you would like as many times as you can in your two weeks. Then you can purchase your Membership or Class Package (no expiration date). It’s the best introductory offer around.

Check the schedules of our neighboring yoga studios; they cannot compete with our full Weekly Class Schedule. We have a wide-range of yoga class offerings including Power, Strength, Mindful, Yin, Strength Lite, Yin Soundbath and Rogue classes. Want to know more about what our styles of classes mean? Every class description is available on our website at

On top of that, we offer at the minimum, three Extension Classes each month that are bonus to our Weekly Class Schedule varying in style and specificity, focusing on classes that take a deeper dive into different aspects of your yoga practice. All of our Extension classes are FREE for our Members and $20 drop-in rate for non-members. These Extension Classes keep our schedule fresh and ever-changing, constantly supplying our Members with fresh and new ways to explore their practice. Extension Classes are a huge bonus to being a Member at Union Yoga Co.

Our students are spoiled, none of our Class Packages expire! We offer Private Classes, Group Rates for parties or special events and Corporate yoga as well.

Did we mention that we also offer discounts on our Class Packages? Yep, if you are a teacher, student, union member, Snohomish County employee, senior, first responder, single parent or military you are eligible to receive 15% discount on your class packages. You must inform us at the time of purchase that you qualify for the discount and have ID, discounts not available on the app or online. Discounts applied to sales in-person at the studio.

Ok, so now that we are done bragging about how awesome and easy it is to practice yoga with us, come in and join us for class! Keep an eye out on our Monthly Newsletter for extra special offers and incentives too. See you on your mat soon.

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