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July Instructor Spotlight! Meet Hilary Paulus

If you have not taken a class from Hilary, what are you waiting for? Hilary is truly a caregiver. When you are taking a class with her, you will feel so loved. She has a soothing voice, carefully created flows and quiet, strong presence that will deepen your experience in the studio. We are so lucky to have her on our team! Read below to learn more fun facts about this amazing instructor.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

"Use your big girl bark" - which is a saying from the kids show Bluey. If you don't know, Bluey is an Australian based animated show about a family of Blue Heeler dogs, two of which are sisters named Bluey and Bingo. It's a theme where the girls learn to be themselves and ask for what they need. I think it's a lovely, light-hearted picture of what it means to bloom into our true selves.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Since I was 13 or 14! I had done yoga a couple random times before that, but I started practicing regularly at the Monroe YMCA. It was there that I'd say I fell in love with yoga! What made you want to become a yoga instructor?

The peace I always felt in my body after a class or time of practice was too good to imagine keeping it all to myself. The way yoga felt balanced between hard work and good rest really resonated with me in my body. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a mom and largely stay home with my kids to raise them and probably also homeschool. When I pictured that life yoga seemed like the perfect compliment. Something I could do in addition but would be a lovely outlet and source of joy for me. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that is exactly where I've landed in my life and practice now! What actress or actor would you choose to star in the movie about your life? Oof, this took me on a strange deep dive into the internet, but I think my favorite picks would be Alyson Hannigan or Amy Adams! They seem like the right mix between characters they've played of silliness, tender kindness and bad-assery.

What yoga pose(s) makes you happy?

I really enjoy the flexibility of my spine, so Dancer and Camel come to mind. I also love the deep focus of Tree pose!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Honestly, I think it would be super cool to control the weather. If you could go anywhere in the world for an all-expenses paid vacation, where would you go and what would you do? I'd go somewhere beachy that wasn't too humid, had easy access to whole and healthy foods but had an urban feel where I could walk everywhere and life could be slower. I've been to a surf town in Mexico that was kind of like that and also the Bahamas, so maybe I'd go there again. What is the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep? Hmm... this feels boring but probably an airplane. I've also been known to sneak out of my own bed when my children have taken it over and go downstairs to my son's room and sleep in his bed. There's a nice breeze when the window is open and he has the only down comforter in the house so his bed is pretty legit.

Do your kids practice yoga with you? If so, what is their favorite yoga pose? Yes, we do Cosmic Kids yoga videos together! If I try to do my own practice I get jumped on, but the youtube videos let us be silly and connect. My son's favorite pose is "pikachu" pose, which is a warrior 2 variation, and my daughter loves "doo-dah", (downdog) and frequently will yell at me until I watch her do it.

If you had a personal theme song, what would it be? I'm too complex, I need a playlist. I said this candidly to my husband as I was sitting down to write this and laughed so hard at it's truth that I'm sticking to this as my answer. I love pop music so there would definitely be some Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber on there though.

What’s one story about your childhood, best explains the person that you are today?

The times as a kid that I remember feeling the most like myself as I know myself today was when I was deeply engrossed in a craft, reading Harry Potter in my room, or forgetting about time while doing something outside like picking berries or tending to plants.

What's a pet peeve that you would make illegal if you could? Dirt on my floors! What's something that you think everyone should try at least once in their life? Sky-diving or bungee jumping! It might be surprising, but I was a bit of a thrill-seeker as a teenager and young adult. These two experiences stand out as so much fun though and my body can still feel that joy and thrill like it was yesterday. Plus the risk of death always adds perspective, doesn't it?

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