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Yoga Strength IS for You!

Yoga Strength & Strength Lite is a high intensity and total body workout designed to improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. This is great for yogis looking to add variety to their practice. Free weights, bands, and/or sliders are used in this class. Yoga Strength complements your regular yoga practice, while pushing your fitness goals to new heights. Expect high-energy, fun music, stretching and a splash of yoga to round-out each class.

TRY IT! Mondays 6:30pm Strength with Cal Tuesdays 12pm Strength Lite Taylor Thursdays 5pm Strength with Tanya Fridays 6am Strength with Sophie

BENEFITS: •strengthen & tone muscles •improve cardio health •add variety to training •boost mental strength •improve mobility •osteoporosis prevention & management •lower injury risk

WE USE: •dumbells •blocks •sliders •bands •bodyweight

Spice up your practice this month! Pepper in Strength or Strength Lite into your yoga routine. Your practice will thank you.

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